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“ Since #Facebook has made it so difficult for us to reach out to our friends, I thought of building


It all started because of an event at Where in Oslo.

We organized a nice Event at the Where in Oslo group. We would all meet to have a dinner together and then go to Melafestivalen. Well we actually did manage to organize the event, gather the people and in the end have a fantastic evening. What I experienced during the set up of the Facebook Event and the fact that I was not able to invite the members of the Community, really gave me an idea.

Imagine all of those who support great causes, artists, writers, activists or simply you and me wanting to spread the word! We simply can’t do it. We are either forced to pay for spreading the word or simply spam the Internet because of frustration and mainly because there is no such a tool that will allow us to simply SHOUT OUT LOUD our idea or the cause we support!


I thought of giving this practical problem a very practical solution in stead of moaning around!


The solution as you see is

The idea of Crowdspeaking is well known but the idea and the practice of Social Crowdspeaking is relatively new. The first thing that probaby comes in your mind is Crowdsourcing and Crowdfunding.


Well let me introduce you to Social Crowdspeaking!

Social Crowdspeaking is the practice of spreading the word about an idea, a cause or a project by raising awareness among a large number of people who supports your cause and SHOUT IT OUT LOUD typically via their social media accounts.


In the days of technology and social media I believe it should not be that difficult nowadays to reach out to as many as possible and raise awareness.




*So if you also are interested on letting the world know about your idea, cause or project, log in and launch your campaign too.




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